About Right Key Investment

Right Key Investment | Specialist International Property Investment Services

Right Key Investment is a property investment service headquartered in Australia. Established in 2014, our parent company in Hong Kong, Ernestoa Holdings Limited has been leader in providing education, information technology and real estate brokerage services across Hong Kong. Our expansion into the global markets is to allow local and international purchasers the opportunity to invest in the progressing international property market. We have a range of excellent prospects in potential projects and provide a one-stop-spot for property investment solutions.

Our global investment team will provide you with current and reliable real estate information. At Right Key Investment, our brokers are world-class in their knowledge and grasp of local insights and market trends. Our promise to you is that we offer seamless and reliable investment experiences, with a transparency of current and upcoming real estate trends and information. We have all your property solutions in one place, including but not limited to property market data analysis, financial planning, project marketing, property management, immigration advice and legal consultation. As a subsidiary of Ernestoa Holdings Limited, we have a well-formed and valued reputation where our experienced team are your guide.

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Let Right Key Investment share your property investment journey with you!

Did you know that some of the most sought-after properties aren’t actively marketed to buyers? These are those properties that are sold merely through word of mouth and at some of the best prices. No marketing needed! Want to know how we get them? We have a significant local property development and agents’ network that makes our no marketing campaign work for us.

Right Key Investment offers a full-service brokerage which is Personalised to meet your requirements.

Our agents are local, experienced, highly trained and have extensive knowledge and understanding of the real estate business.

All stakeholders – from our team, vendors and partners, you are in the hands of some of the most experienced and best professionals. They will see you through from the beginning of our partnership to the closing table.

Our agents put their needs above their own; they lead with a servant’s heart.

We want you to be a client for life.

Trusted and excellent outcomes

We pride ourselves on understanding each individual that we work with, and recognising that every investment journey is different. At Right Key Investment, we offer extensive care and attention to every customer from start to finish for each client. We keep each investor informed of any insights that influence their investment, and with our knowledge, our staff give clarity and secure action for best outcomes.

Right Key Investment uses technology and our professional staff experience to the client advantage by offering insight with clarity into anything that will influence their investment to secure action.

When it comes to training, ours is in-depth and unmatched so that our agents have the right tools, knowledge and skills to get the best outcomes for our clients. At Right Key Investments, we foster a learning community and believe in empowering all our staff to learn continually, grow and reach goals. Each of our departments works closely together to deliver our clients with the best possible experience. We implement our core values to teach our team how to put client’s needs above all else.

One of our greatest strengths and duties is being able to inform and guide our clients through change and moving forward with successful investment services.

Our team are either active property investors or developers

With the global market ever-changing, the property industry continually moves faster every day. Even the most experienced in property investment are continually learning and adapting to new information and forces quickly. At Right Key Investment, we understand this, which is why we hire high caliber, successful property investors across Australia who love property; this sets us apart from more traditional agencies.

We have a diverse team consisting of accomplished and successful property developers and investors, property acquisition specialists, lawyers, accountants, wealthy investment bankers, former private bankers, registered migration agent, experts in technology, market researcher, specialists in marketing, and sales agents with extensive experience.

Global Success

With many years of international expertise, Right Key Investment understands local conditions and domestic context. We are well versed and committed to handling market trends and strategies across the globe.